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About Alyssa

Born and raised in Saco, Maine, Alyssa returned home after graduating from Connecticut College with a degree in Music Education. Alyssa began working with The Swan Agency Sotheby’s International Realty owner Kim Swan at several of her boutique style properties in 2011 and discovered real estate would be a natural complement to her experience in the hospitality field. This, coupled with a background in leading home and commercial renovations for a construction and design company and curating local art exhibits, has given Alyssa the warmth and knowledge to introduce new residents to Maine as well as provide them with the skills to help them customize a property into their dream home.

Alyssa now works in the Greater Portland area combining a variety of careers that highlight the possibilities and gratification of a Maine lifestyle. Alyssa works with both buyers and sellers in residential and commercial sales.  She especially enjoys working with first-time homebuyers, historic home and Inn/B&B clients. In 2015 Alyssa began The Alyssa Bouthot Team, working together with Emily Dartt to better serve their clients through strong communication, greater availability and a combined wealth of knowledge. 

Alyssa currently resides in Saco which allows her to enjoy the excitement and buzz of nearby Portland as well as the peace and quiet of the local beaches and beautiful waterfront. Alyssa understands the importance of involvement in local community, and in the midst of her busy work life she enjoys her time as a Board Member to the Treehouse Institute in Portland and a member of the Planning Board in the city of Saco. If and when she has any remaining free time, Alyssa practices yoga, spends time with friends and family, travels and takes advantage of Maine’s many outdoor activities.

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Q&A with Alyssa:

Q: What is your favorite season in Maine and why?

                A: Fall. The transition from warmth to cooler weather is beautiful.

Q: Best place you’ve watched a sunset or sunrise?

                A: Linekin Bay, East Boothbay.

Q: What three people from history or present day would you love to have dinner with?

                A: Elizabeth Warren, Stephan Sondheim and my Memere for one more game of cribbage.

Q: What trait do you most like in yourself? In others?

                A: Honesty. And in others good communication.

Q: What trait do you most dislike about yourself? In others?

                A: Over-articulating and in others habitual tardiness.

Q: What destination would you love to travel to?

                A: London. (Again!)

Q: What is the best life lesson you’ve learned from someone else?

                A: Never stop learning- be a lifelong student of whatever you are passionate about.