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About Midge

Having grown up in the coastal community of Castine, Maine, Midge harbors a special fondness for the waterfront lifestyle. With professional experience in various municipal positions, Midge was looking for a profession that would be the perfect combination of all her interests including buildings, land, construction, architecture, deeds and titles. In 2006 she began her real estate career and found just what she was looking for.

Midge joined The Swan Agency Sotheby’s International Realty, and in 2011 was appointed the role of Designated Broker by company president Kimberly Swan. In this role, Midge is responsible for overseeing the activities of all the company brokers, making it the most important position in a real estate company. In addition to being the Designated Broker, Midge works with both buyers in sellers in residential transactions, specializing in coastal and shorefront properties. While living in such a rich, historic area of Maine and because of her interest, education, and enthusiasm for real estate, Midge made a commitment to become a Historic Homes Specialist.

Now residing in Surry, Midge currently serves on the town’s Planning Board. She recognizes the hardworking, generous and good-hearted people that call Maine home keep the small communities alive all year long. Midge loves living in Maine and truly appreciates all the state has to offer including it’s 4 distinct seasons and beautiful scenery. To Midge, the outdoors is a very important part of living in Maine and in her free time she enjoys taking walk on the shore or through the woods, kayaking, and gardening. She loves to travel when she can, and always tries to spend as much time as possible with friends and family.

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Q & A with Midge:

Q: What season is your favorite in Maine and why?

          A: Fall. I love the colors of the season and the cool, crisp air.

Q: Best place you’ve watched a sunrise or sunset?

          A: Deer Isle and Blue Hill Mountain.

Q: What three people from history or present day would you love to have dinner with?

          A: Margaret Chase Smith, David Ortiz and John Goodman.

Q: What trait do you most like in yourself? In others?

          A: My ability to be fair. I like to think I try my hardest to see both sides of a situation or issue. In others I appreciate honesty.

Q: What trait do you most dislike about yourself? In others?

          A: I’m impatient, and in others; self-centeredness.

Q: What destination would you like to travel to?

          A: Alaska

Q: What’s the best life lesson you’ve learned from someone else?

          A: Laugh often.