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We all know that investing in real estate is a great way to build wealth, but deeper than that is the wealth that comes from good health. The health of ourselves and of our planet are so important and we embrace the challenges of both. Swan Agency Real Estate launched several programs for 2022 including an individual health initiative as well as taking steps to help save the health of our environment.

From sponsoring wellness challenges including group yoga classes, step challenges, meatless Mondays, water consumption to “forest bathing” we have actively promoted health and wellness for our team. Stress is a dangerous factor to our personal health and stress is a key part of our profession that no one can avoid. Finding ways to deal with stress is paramount and we believe confronting it together makes it more fun and meaningful.  (And of course there is the competitive spirit that makes everyone want to win the various challenges!)

We also changed our in office work hours to 4.5 days and encourage everyone to get a head start on the weekend by heading home at lunch time. If there is work left to be done we do it from home. We will never neglect our client’s needs but we are getting creative on how to do both - provide relief and happiness to our crew thereby assuring great work for our buyers and sellers.

Along with promoting personal wellness we also instituted new programs to help the planet.  Our favorite is the new water system that encourages everyone to fill their water bottles and avoid buying plastic bottles of water. The new system actually counts how many plastic bottles we are keeping out of the waste stream and displays it.  I love looking at the number when walking by. We cut way back on our use of paper and the paper we simply must use is recycled and has lived another life. Today’s clients are so online based that we find that the old school sharing of paper documents is only needed when actual signatures are required vs. docusign methods.

Finally, we instituted our Sharing Our Success Program for 2022 and support ten very worthy local non profits with every closing.  Both Swan Agency and the client’s individual broker make a donation in the client’s name.  We ask for no money from the client, only for them to choose the charity of their choice.  At the writing of this post we're not quite half way through 2022 and have made over $5,000 in donations from our SOS program alone. 100% of Swan brokers participate in this program.

We work in a profession that helps many, many people build wealth through buying and selling real estate.  First though, we have to be in a position to be the best we can be in order to offer the best representation possible.  You must take care of yourself before you can take care of anyone else.


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