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Featured in Maine Biz, "Buyer of Kennebunk B&B brings previous hospitality experience"

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By Laurie Schreiber

The buyer of an inn in Kennebunk’s Lower Village neighborhood brings previous experience from properties she’s owned in Portland, East Boothbay and York Beach.

Diane Pace, with her brother Jack Pace and Jack’s wife Jane, bought the Inn at English Meadows, at 141 Port Road, from Elizabeth Arruda for an undisclosed price.  


The Benefits of Working With a Local Downeast Maine Real Estate Broker

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Buying and selling real estate in any market is a tricky business unless you have the right real estate broker working for you. Not every broker offers the same benefits, and it’s important to understand what each one brings to the table. Your choice of broker can heavily influence the outcome, after all. When it comes to Downeast Maine, working with a local real estate broker offers the best benefits all round. Get local with a local Maine real estate broker in Downeast Maine. Here’s why.

In-depth Knowledge With a Local Broker

Just like any other area, the Downeast Maine real estate market has unique characteristics. A local broker understands the subtle nuances of the area that will appeal to buyers. After all, we aren’t just selling property; we’re offering a lifestyle that is like no other in the U.S. This in-depth knowledge also covers aspects like neighborhood trends, evident only with long-term experience in the area.

As local brokers, we’re equipped with insights into what makes particular properties best suited for buyers’ preferences and needs, such as proximity to local landmarks, immersion in a culturally diverse community, or closeness to the natural landscapes and seascapes.

Accurate Property Valuation

One of the important aspects of selling involves accurate property valuation. But it also includes pricing in a way that walks that fine line between appropriate value for both the buyer and the seller. That’s not easily done, which is why you need to work with a local Maine real estate broker.

Our familiarity with the intricacies of the Downeast Maine real estate landscape enables accurate pricing of properties, knowing how best to negotiate price, ensuring sellers receive fair market value for their homes and buyers feel they’re getting a good deal.

Relationships Within the Community

Real estate is definitely a networking business. It’s not just about buying and selling. The value of a local broker’s network is incomparable to anything else. Local brokers often have a list of potential buyers who are waiting for specific types of properties or features that only a local would be aware of. A quality broker can expedite the selling process by connecting sellers with qualified buyers efficiently, making the whole process pleasant and simplified.

Access to Trusted Local Vendors

Selling a home often involves more than just closing a deal. There might be last-minute repairs or improvements needed, and having a local broker can simplify this process, too. We have a list of trusted local vendors, from plumbers to electricians to carpenters, who can assist in getting the house ready for sale. This not only saves time for the seller but also ensures that the work is done efficiently and correctly, further enhancing the property's appeal to potential buyers.

The personalized approach offered by the local brokers at Swan Agency Real Estate fosters trust and ensures a smoother, more tailored experience for those looking to navigate the competitive Downeast Maine real estate market. Contact us today to get started.

Treasures of Downeast Maine: Uncover 5 Adventures You Won't Want To Miss

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At Swan Agency, we want to let you know that Bar Harbor and Mount Desert Island offer some of the most scenic views when hiking, driving or simply looking out your window. Whether you want to live here -- or already live here and want to show your guests the beauty of Downeast Maine -- we promise you’ll always have a long list of things to [...]

Yes, You Should You List Your Maine Home in the Winter and Here's Why

Yes, You Should You List Your Maine Home in the Winter & Why

Sellers often believe that it’s impossible to sell a home in Maine during the winter months. But that isn’t true at all. There’s never a bad time to list your home for sale when you have Swan Agency on your team. Don’t wait months to list your Maine home for sale. Selling your home in winter isn’t just possible; in many cases, it’s [...]

Featured in MaineBiz, "Waterfront restaurant in Stonington sells to long-time Bar Harbor restaurateurs"

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By Laurie Schreiber

A long-time restaurant on the waterfront in Stonington has sold to Bar Harbor restaurateurs who have been in the business for nearly 50 years.

Laura and Erik Johnson bought 27 Main St. from Rudi Neumayr of Nereus Investments LLC for an undisclosed price.

The list price was $1.195 million.

Erica Brooks of Swan Agency Real [...]

The Smart Home Advantage: 5 High-Impact Ways To Boost Your Home's Resale Value

Smart Home Advantage: 5 High-Impact Ways To Boost Your Home's Resale Value by SWAN Agency Real Estate

Consumers are embracing new technologies in every sector, including the real estate market. Homeowners seeking to learn how to increase home value are well-advised to cater to this hunger for technology, because it can make a home stand out from the crowd of real estate inventory. Not only will buyers be more attracted to your home, but [...]

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