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How Long Do House Closings Take? A Home Seller's Journey From Listing to Closing

You want to put your house on the market. Whether it's your first time or you're an experienced home seller, the timeline for selling a home involves a few crucial steps. Sellers benefit from having a familiarity with the house closing process -- and an understanding that it’s not always simple or quick.

Here are some important phases you’ll encounter along your home selling journey, most of which will be handled along with guidance from your broker. Many of our clients often wonder, "How long do house closings take?" Unfortunately, the answer is never definitive and depends on many factors like the market, the location and the condition of the home.

While the time it takes to sell a home can vary, the process to get from listing to closing usually contains the same key pieces.

Home Selling Process

One of the first things you should do is find an experienced Realtor who can guide you through the process, helping you prepare your home for sale as well as get it listed.

Your Realtor can provide valuable information about your neighborhood and comparable sales in the area to establish a listing price, as well as recommend improvements that may increase that price.

It's important to understand that your home’s listing price is affected by things like the age of your home, the current market, and how well it is advertised.

Once you've chosen a Realtor and are ready to list your home, it's time to make all the necessary preparations to show your home to interested buyers.

Getting Your Home Ready To Sell

The next step is to prepare your home for sale. This may include making minor improvements or repairs and staging the house. Some examples include:

  • Cleaning and decluttering the home
  • Repairing any damaged areas
  • Painting walls in neutral colors
  • Updating outdated fixtures and appliances
  • Ensure all systems are functioning correctly (HVAC, plumbing, etc.)
  • Staging impactful rooms like bedrooms, kitchen and living room

    Once you're ready for showings, your agent will schedule open houses and set up individual showings with prospective buyers.

    Depending on the current market, you may even get offers higher than your asking price. Bidding wars are common when there are multiple interested buyers, which can extend this phase of the timeline.

    Moving From Contract to Close 

    When an offer is accepted and under contract, it's time to move on to the inspections and title search phase. Doing this ensures that everything is as advertised for your house and that there are no issues with the property title.

    Home inspectors will look for any structural or mechanical problems in the home and advise about any necessary repairs. During this time, a title search will be conducted to ensure that the house is free and clear of all liens and legal issues.

    Appraisal and Closing

    An appraisal means that the value of your home is being assessed by a third-party professional. During this stage an appraisal may be required, in which case they would come to the home and compare it to similar houses recently sold. They would then provide a report with their findings and an estimated value for your home.

    Once inspections are clear and the appraisal is approved, a closing will be scheduled. At the closing, you can expect to sign paperwork (a lot of it!) and transfer the title of your home to the new owner.

    At Swan Agency Real Estate, we make sure selling your home is as easy and stress-free as possible. We can provide valuable information about the current market and prepare your home to maximize its selling potential. Our experienced agents can guide you through each step of the process to ensure your experience is as smooth as possible. Contact us today for more information.

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