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The Smart Home Advantage: 5 High-Impact Ways To Boost Your Home's Resale Value

Smart Home Advantage: 5 High-Impact Ways To Boost Your Home's Resale Value by SWAN Agency Real EstateConsumers are embracing new technologies in every sector, including the real estate market. Homeowners seeking to learn how to increase home value are well-advised to cater to this hunger for technology, because it can make a home stand out from the crowd of real estate inventory. Not only will buyers be more attracted to your home, but there’s a big potential to boost your home’s resale value by adding smart home features. The ideas listed here are home renovations that matter a great deal to buyers, so they are worth serious consideration.

What Is a Smart Home?

The term “smart home” refers to a home that’s equipped with at least one internet-connected device that automates or simplifies tasks. For instance, a smart fridge might show you its contents without you having to open the door, saving energy and time. This connection between technology and physical objects, called the "Internet of Things" (IoT), allows devices to interact and exchange data, enhancing efficiency and convenience.

How Do You Turn Your Home Into a Smart Home?

When it comes to the smart home advantage, you have several options, including:

1. Smart Lighting

Smart lighting controls can be voice activated or device activated with integrated apps that can control, color, brightness levels and even patterns. An example for use would be activating serene lighting in a bathroom to create a spa-like environment.

2. Smart Plugs

This one is too simple to pass up. Smart plugs turn wired appliances into smart appliances, which you can then control with your voice or through an app. An example for use would be to remotely turn on lights so your home is not dark when you arrive at night.

3. Smart Thermostats

This is another easy one to implement. Any HVAC company can install it for you. Smart thermostats offer energy savings as well as convenience. They operate off the home’s Wi-Fi, allowing you to configure settings from inside the home or while away.

4. Smart Speakers

Smart speakers can be installed so that every room in the home can have custom music. For instance, if you want tranquil music in your home office and peppy music in the kitchen, you would just configure the smart speakers in that way. These speakers can also communicate with streaming audio. To boost your home’s resale value, you could have the smart speakers built into the home.

5. Smart Window Treatments

Smart window treatments can be anything from window shades that lower and raise on verbal command or with a device, to window glass that darkens during the sunniest parts of the day to keep the temperature inside the home comfortable. This is another smart home feature that's both convenient and energy-saving.

With the increasing demand for smart homes, homeowners who invest in these upgrades are positioning themselves favorably in the competitive real estate market with a home-tech advantage. Potential buyers are willing to pay more for properties that have smart home features, and they perceive such homes to be higher in value. For expert assistance selling your home, or advice about which smart home features may add the most value to your home, contact Swan Agency today.

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