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Featured in the Ellsworth American: Swan Song a new beginning for longtime broker

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"Longtime broker and Swan Real Estate Agency owner Kim Swan purchased this 53-acre parcel fronting Flanders Bay and Flanders Stream on Jan. 8 as a “passion project.” There will be an opportunity for the public to see Swan Song Salt Farm and offer ideas for its use at a date yet to be determined."

Swan Song a new beginning for longtime broker
by Jennifer Osborn, Ellsworth American

Kim Swan, owner of Swan Agency Real Estate and Swan Hospitality Group, has purchased a 53-acre parcel off Route 1, formerly Iron Horse Salt Farm (now named Swan Song Salt Farm).

The land includes over half a mile of water frontage between Flanders Bay and Flanders Stream as well as a paved road with underground utilities and high-speed internet. The stream runs along the length of the parcel from Route 1 down to the bay.

It might seem the possibilities are endless.

“There’s no grand plan yet,” Swan said. “It’s so fluid. I think the land is going to tell us. We’re just going to take the time. We can afford to take the time.”

The longtime vegetarian had envisioned creating an animal sanctuary akin to Peace Ridge Sanctuary in Brooks but that’s not going to happen, Swan said. “We wanted to make it super focused on animal sanctuary but got some pushback.”

However, there will be a bit of space to provide safe harbor, as it were, for the occasional local animal who might need to stay for a night or two until a journey to Peace Ridge can be made. “There’s not going to be 100 animals there because there can’t be,” the Bar Harbor resident said.

What is going to happen first?

“We are going to build three small, adorable cottages this spring,” said Swan. “We’re going to use some of the wood found on the property that’s been here forever and ever.”

Swan will also open this spring a farm shop up toward the property adjacent to Route 1.

“We’ll have vegetarian grab-and-go food,” she said. “We’ll have some gifts and stuff made in Maine.”

“I’m to the point in my career where I’m very blessed that I’m able to do a project that my heart and soul wants to do,” she said. Swan has been in the real estate business for over 35 years. She got her license while she was still in college.

Monday, April 1, marked the start of the Swan Real Estate Agency’s 50th year.

Swan is also interested in helping young people get launched on their dreams.

“Eventually we want to build a big beautiful barn up near Route 1,” the broker said. “I don’t even know if we can do this.”

One of Swan’s dreams is to create a business incubator. Perhaps there’s a young person who is dying to make vegan cheese, she said. Or someone wants to sell herbs or flowers or grow flowers on the site or run a purely gluten-free bakery.

The land “plays to so many other things I care about,” she said. “Art, yoga and wellness. It’s already so soothing and so calming.”

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